Monday, April 14, 2008

Spathoglottis Orchids

Over the weekend we stopped by a local nursery that will sometimes get in some rare finds. The stuff you never see at the local box stores. Well the nursery had just received a new shipment in. They had received a few Spathoglottis ground orchids. So we were quick to grab them and it is a good thing we did because some people that came in after us were trying to get them also. We bought 3 pots of orchids each one being different. The first is a 3 gallon pot of Spathoglottis plicata which has light lavender color. The next is another 3 gallon pot of Spathoglottis gracilis plicata "Penang Beauty" this flower has a yellow with purple blush. The last is a 1 gallon pot of Spathoglottis ungiculata "grapette" which does not have any blooms, but the nursery owner kept 2 3 gallon pots of these grapettes full of blooms and they had a very strong grape fragrance. They said they just randomly will show up, but due to a few cold fronts this past winter they have not had very many so far this year.


  1. Great post/article on these very interesting orchids. I have tried growing this orchid in California but it doesn't do very well so we have settled for planting some cymbidium and epidendrum orchids at our home and outside our orchid greenhouse. Well, I really enjoyed reading your post and looking at the great photos.
    Philip Estenson, Orchids Editor

  2. Can you really grow these orchids in your yard?! I'm in the Northwest and it's unthinkable. I was in Kauai earlier this year and it was fun to see tropicals that are house plants back home, but regular landscape plants in Kauai. Good luck and keep the photo updates coming

  3. I have been looking for ground orchids. My painting teacher has some and they are fabulous. Everywhere I've found them so far they are outrageously priced... I'm still looking. Hope yours do well for you.They seem like an easier choice than all the other kinds of orchids I don't do well.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel