Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chamaedorea metallica , Metallic Palm , Miniature Fishtail

The Chamaedorea metallica , or also called the Miniature Fishtail Palm , and the Metallic Palm. This little guy generally will grow to 3-4 ft and love the shade. They call it the Metallic Palm because of its leaf color. The leafs will form a blue-green color and a very distinct metallic sheen to them. This well-known and much loved palm is an endangered species and the only known palm with leaves having a blue-green metallic sheen. The metallic luster shows up particularly well when the leaves are moist.I purchased 2 pots of these from 2 different vendors. The single was $10 and the 3 palm pot was $17.

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  1. I really like these guys; they do well indoors (mine's even flowered a couple times, not that the flowers are particularly decorative), and they're unusual-looking.