Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exciting Stuff Happening this Week

Over the past weekend many exciting things happened and with my Everglades fishing trip coming up this weekend I plan to have even more exciting stuff to talk about when I get back. So on Sat. I went to a garage sale and met a very nice lady named Jeannine. She and her husband had a spectacular yard. They have some pretty nice stuff. Rare Palms a few different Pandanus's, cypress trees, bamboo, orchids, the list just goes on and on. We talked and she has invited me back to take pictures. So next week I am going over there and should get some interesting pictures. While I was there I bought some variegated Pandanus veitchii clippings and some unknown green pandanus with huge leafs. The mother plant had 3 ft of trunk and 20 ft leafs. They had huge patches of these Pandanus's. Then she had baskets of orchids all over her yard. She sold a few baskets and a couple potted orchids. 4 new orchids came home with me. I have leaft these on the front porch until I am sure that they do not have any mites or viruses. They have new growth but don't look that healthy, so I am nursing them back right now. Then as I was watering the banana trees and on the ice cream banana tree I have the 4th pup coming up. The largest pup is just needs to come off pretty soon. On Sun. I was helping my friend Aaron from A Yard in Fort Pierce. His neighbor was giving him a queen palm we just had to dig it up. Well she also gave us a box full of clippings. Ground orchids, succulents, variegated hibiscus, a few different bromeliads, unknown variegated leaf w/ red and yellow flower tree, along with a few other little unknowns. So here are a few pictures of my Scores/Purchases from over the past exciting weekend.

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  1. Sounds like you were a gatherer this weekend. Do you have room for all that? But of course, there is always room for more! Especially orchids when you can grow them outside.
    Frances at Faire Garden