Thursday, April 17, 2008

Royal Palms , Potatoe Chip Palms , Mangrove Palms , and Bottle Palms

I have 2 Roystonea regia ,or Royal Palm sprouts that I planted back in mid-Dec and the 2 spikes popped on the same day 3/30. The first pic is of these royals from 3/30 and then the second picture is of the royals on 4/12 I finally have 2 Licuala grandis sprouts from 4/12 is the third picture, and 2 Licuala spinosa sprouts from the same day. In the last picture these are at the bottom of the rack on the left. As of tonight I have 2 Hyophorbe lagenicaulis ,or Bottle Palm spikes appear. These bottle seeds were planted on 2/8


  1. Your seedlings seem to be thriving. Palms seem so exotic and foreign to this region that it will be interesting to watch yours grow.

  2. I have enjoyed reading about this. I am looking forward to seeing them grow!