Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plumeria Frangipani

Tonights post is on my Plumeria or Frangipani. I received this clipping from my friend Aaron over at A Yard in Ft Pierce back in the beginning of Feb. He has a large old specimen in his yard. It over hung into the neighbors yard so we decided to trim those branches off and use them for clippings. Aaron has quite a few of these in his yard now. This is the 1 I have been growing. It is a large piece with four blooming stalks this bloom. I have a slide show of the progress of this from dormant stage to my first blooms. The other day when the first 2 flowers opened I lost 1 of them 5 hours later to the crazy wind we have been having.

Also it is suppose to get down to the mid 40's tonight so we brought all the chids' inside. Here are a few pics of the bumper pool room turned into the orchid room. I also did a count and the new magic number is 70.


  1. Beautiful Plumeria. Wow you have tons of orchids!

  2. Wowser that's an impressive array of orchids! I'd happily eat with my plate on my lap at a table like yours! - and I'd switch seats every night for a new view. - Or will you move them all back outside again?