Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Yard in Fort Pierce FL 2.0

It has been just over 100 days since my blog was started, 5000 visitors and 140 posts later here we are. I spent the weekend trying to restructure my blog. Losing my Widgets, Fighting with templates, and trying to get all of my widgets back again, I finally have a good start with a new look. I still have more stuff to add, but I have a lot of new plants and adventures to tell about as well. I am just saying Welcome to Another Yard in Fort Pierce 2.0. My blog roll will be updated very soon. I have so many new gardening blogs that I am following it is going to be a little bit of a choir getting them all back on here again. So please be patient.


  1. In the for what it is worth department:

    Your blog loaded a heck of a lot faster for me this morning! Thanks!

  2. Love your blog!! Just stumbled upon it as I was looking for ginger photos. I still haven't id'd the plant in my yard, but I'm happy to have found you. I lived in FP as a kid and my family is still there, along with my best friend. I love the place, but I'm on a different path. Luckily, my best friend is willing to share her house whenever I want, so Fort Pierce will always be my second home. Good luck. Keep up the great ideas!!