Monday, April 28, 2008

Foxtail Palm Tree Seed Score! Wodyetia bifurcata

Finally, after searching yard after yard it has finally been located. The seeding Foxtail Palm Tree, Wodyetia bifurcata ! This is 1 of those palms were there are a lot of them here, but none seem to be old enough to produce fruit yet. Well on a venture to a friends house I turned the corner and there it was. Seeds on the ground, fruits on the tree, this was the 1st time seeing a Foxtail palm tree fruit, it was a spectacular site in my eyes. The fruits are the size of a large plum and the seed inside is almost the size of a walnut. Since we are talkin Foxtail I bought this little seedling for $1 at the Heathcote sale. This seedling helped me with placing my seeds that I had collected in the rightspot in the pots. I also repoted the seedling. Here are all of my pictures.