Saturday, April 12, 2008

New NOID Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium Orchids

While I was out of town my girl came home with 6 new chids'. These came from our 3 for $20 lady. Apparently my girl has a new friend because the lady threw in an extra orchid and a full spray can of leaf shine. The first white phal has 12 blooms on 1 spike 7 blooms on the other and has another spike growing with 2 blooms to open and still growing. Then the light yellow phal still has blooms to open. A pink phalaenopsis that blew over this week and broke a few flowers off. So this scared up flower is all that is left of the open flowers, but still has 4 blooms to go. Then a very light lavender /white Dendrobium. These little flower phals I am really digging. The are so petite . This is my 3rd small flower phal. And finally a green with purple lip dendrobium. The free 1 my girl gave to her mom to take care of. This is her 4th orchid.


  1. WOW ! That was an unbelievable bargain for sure !
    They are gorgeous ! I just bought my first two this year and I may be hooked as well .. leaf shine spray ? .. I'll have to look into that .. thanks !

  2. I loeve orchids - but I killed the one I had - and I'm not sure abaout paying the big bucks for another one if i can't keep it alive... sigh... Where do you get all the varieties - around here, it's pretty much the phalanopsis orchids that I see in stores and not much else...