Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surplus Sale Items

Collecting and starting seeds I have managed to have a surplus of items and I always am answering emails about extra plants for sale. So I found the paypal store front widget and have set up some of the extra stuff I currently have. I will be changing it regularly. But the pictures suck on the storefront. So I created this post listing all of the items that will be available in the store. As I add and remove items this popst will be edited as well so that there will always be a large picture and description of the items for sale. U.S. shipping only on sprouts and plants. No shipping on any sprouts or plants to California, Texas, or Arizona. Seeds will ship anywhere.

95% of the time seeds will come cleaned of fruit unless otherwise stated. I have personally collected and sprouted all items. Fresh stuff! Any questions please Email first, before purchasing. All sales are final.

Thrinax radiata - Florida Thatch Palm sprout $2.50
1st leaf sprout. Shipped bare root wrapped in perlite.

Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm $7.00
Pic is avg. size. Over a year old. Shipped bare root wrapped in spaghnum moss.

Adonidia merrillii - Christmas Palm Tree $7.00
Pic is avg. size. Over a year old. Shipped bare root wrapped in spaghnum moss.

13 Adonidia merrillii - Christmas Palm Seeds $2.50

13 Hyophorbe verschafftii - Spindle Palm Seeds $3.00

13 Sabal domingensis - Hispaniola Palm Seeds $2.00

13 Sabal causiarum - Puerto Rican Hat Palm Seeds $2.00

6 Pseudophoenix sargentii - Cherry Palm Seeds $2.50

6 Livistona decora - Ribbon Fan Palm Seeds $1.75

13 Livistona australis - Australian Cabbage Palm Seeds $3.50

13 Heterospathe elata - Sagise Palm Seeds $3.00

13 Coccothrinax fragrans - syn. Cocco. argentata - Fragrant Palm Seeds $2.50

13 Arenga caudata - Minature Sugar Palm Seeds $3.00


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  2. I want the Christmas palm seed.
    Is it still available??
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