Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Rain Forrest Adventure

I have been on vacation for for the past 10 days making a stop in Belize, Honduras, and Grand Cayman. I have taken 100's of pictures and will be doing each location as a post starting with Belize. 5 years ago I met Reggie in Belize he picked us up and gave us the tour of the country.3 trips back now and Reggie picks us up and gives us and adventure every time. This time I told him I wanted to go in the Rain Forrest and explore. That is what he gave me! WOW just 5 days ago I was stomping thru the Jungle! And now here I am back in the office in my house.

The road to the parkAttalea cohune
American Oil Palm
Bromeliad growing on the side of a Attalea cohune
Myself with an NOID yet Sabal
And the next few palms are still not IDed yet. Feel free to name that palm.
This is the trunk of the palm above. It had a nice little Bromeliad growing on it
Belize national Flower the Black OrchidThe entrance to a cave we tube downTermite nestbromeliad growing in the jungle
Pictures from the river we tubed down

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Palms Seeds and Spouts

Over the past few weeks I have collected seeds from several palms, I have traded seeds with my new friend Brian in the O-Town, and also a friend from India named Kris mailed me seeds. So I have had lots of preperation to do. I have open the seed room back up for the winter and have a heater on a thermostat that I can set for 80 degrees. I have a thermometer showing a 80-81.7 degrees in the old shower stall. Here are my pictures they have been taken over the past few weeks.
Seed Stall

The first trade with Brian netted 10 Old Man Palm Seeds along with the other named seeds
The Corypha macropoda seeds from Kris in India.

Syagrus schizophylla seeds and a pot of Livistona australis seeds
Seed List started 11/17/08

Livistona australis seeds

Chamaedorea seifrizii and Chamaedorea costaricana

Ptychosperma elegans Solitaire Palm

This has Copernicia alba top left, Thrinax radiata top right, Sabal causiarum bottom right, Vietchia ??? bottom left

Syagrus schizophylla Arikury seeds germinated!

Coccothrinax crinita Old Man Palm seeds germinated!

Chamaedorea microspadix Hardy Bamboo Palm sprouts!