Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Palm Tree Sprouts and Seedlings

Tonight's post has been 3 months in the making. Palm Trees are the beginning cause to my gardening addiction. To keep from getting things to confusing I am going to do a few posts in a row to show the progress of my different palms. This first post is going to show the growth of the entire seedling rack that my friend J Lead-Lo and I built for the seedling pots I purchased. The first picture are some of the palm seeds I started on 1/10, then we have the collars and pots the day they came in the mail 1/20, next is 2/13, the night we finished the seedling stand. Now the first Phoenix canariensis , Canary Island Date Palm ,or for typing purposes CIDP , seedlings move in on 2/14. Now for the sad part of the project. Cuttin' and pastin' all the pictures into the proper folders I lost the 2/20 sprout pictures so this part of the story will be missed. But the next shot is from 2/27 and it shows the CIDP at the bottom of the screen, Washingtonia Filifera , California Fan Palm ,or CFP are the four running up the right side with the first strap leaf and spikes just past. Then the left 3 rows from the white marker up to the top of the picture are Adonidia merrillii , Christmas Palm ,or XP these guys at this point just have a little spike breaking the dirt. Then the pictures correspond with the following dates 3/4, 3/12, 3/26, and then on 4/12 I had new sprouts move in. But I will get into those in the other posts.

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