Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bubba's Grandpa's House

Let me start with how my fried Bubba has been talking about his Grandpa's house for weeks now. Telling me how he has a green house full of orchids. Well I have been telling him for weeks now LETS GO! Yesterday it happened. We pulled up around 5:30 and I began looking at everything. It starts with a nice croton collection across the front of the house like a hedge, but no 2 are alike. Then there is island after island of different bromeliads. I have no idea what the names of each one is but I have lots of different pictures of these. I do know that in 1 shot it has a variegated pineapple and a clump of pandanus's. Ground orchids growing out of control. Palm trees galore a 3 year old Bismarck in the corner, a nice size trimmed phoniex relinada, a huge cluster of lady palms, 10 chinese fan palms, and a few different palms. Then I came to the orchid house. At 1 time he had 4, but he lost them all in the hurricanes in 04, and with his age he has only been able to get 1 back up and operating. I got lots of good ideas for my greenhouse that I want to build. From the water system to the floor to help hold in the humidity. He had hundreds of different orchids, air plants, and succulents in there. He just had a dendrobium take 2nd place at the last PSLOS show. Then on a huge silk floss tree just outside he has an orchid growing up it. He told me what it was ,but I can't remember with all the names he was throwing out. This guy is in bloom right now and is pretty amazing growinf around the spikes on the silk floss tree. I didn't do a very good job on taking pictures of everything, but i do have a few for the post. Some how I did not take 1 inside the orchid house, I thought I did ,but going through the pictures I can't find any.

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