Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mounted Phal. Naples nights x (Petite rose x Glad melinda)

I purchased 2 of these Phalaenopsis Naples nights x (Petite rose x Glad melinda) which also have mottled leaves, along with a Dendrobium Cathey Beck, and a Encyclia Atronecium 'Mother's Day' x Enc. cordigera 'Chocolate Violets for an orchid growing project on orchidgeeks . The best part about the project so far is I have the first spike growing. Here is my first project for the growing project. I took a coconut and with a machette I split it in half leaving 1 side still attached. Then I took orchid moss and let it soak in some worm tea water. I drilled a couple holes so I could tie the phals down in the coconut shell. Then I placed each 1 in each side being careful to pack plenty of moss in between the roots. These are the pictures of my project.

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  1. Hi Bestdank,
    Hope your orchid does well in the project. I've been following everyones results on Orchidgeeks with it so far, it's kind of exciting isn't it!? I'm still a newbie to orchids, but i am already so hooked, lol! I think the coconut shell pot is genius. You should drill holes on the ends to make it a hanging planter later on. Well good luck, and i hope yours is the first one to flower!:)