Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bubba's Grandpa's House Round 2

I made it back to my friends Bubba's grandpa's house to get more pictures. This trip scored me a new Cym. orchid, 6 different bromeliads, clippings of a vanilla plant, garlic vine, hoya, and a chinese hat vine. I will post pictures of these new clippings in a future post. Tonight I am trying a few slide shows. If you click on the picture it will give you the big picture, but you have to allow pop-ups from this site. These are more pictures of his yard. Many different bromeliads in bloom, the floss silk tree and the encyclia hamburyii that is growing on it. And many others.

This one is a slide show of the Green House. So many different plants and orchids. Everywhere you look there is something else. Orchids mounted on shells, coconuts, slabs, and anything else he could get an orchid to attach itself to. Click on a picture and see how many different plants are growing in such a little area.


  1. Mike, thank you for your message. You have a fantastic blog, so interesting for me because I garden in a similar climate. You are right it is a cuban royal palm. I have many different: I grow the native palms: Bangalow and Alexandra, a few cocos they are beautiful but very messy. Spindle palms, Bottle palm, Roebelini, 2 different fishtail palms. The Alexandra palm is a very beautiful palm and neat. It has always seeds, if you need some, I could send you some if you can import them into Florida. I can't import anything. All plant material is prohibited.

  2. Mike ... you have a great blog here that is multi-purpose .. I'm the garden nut and hubby is a fishing nut (when he isn't golfing) He likes the challenge of the big fish too .. steelhead, other big ones (I lost track .. sorry .. the wife/gardener has memory lapse about "fishing"? )
    Love the slide shows too !