Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Little Purple Vanda

This little purple guy parents are {Ascocenda Aroonroj x Vanda coerulescens} x {Vanda Tessellata x Vanda Mimi Palmer} . Vanda Mini Palmer is a cross of Vanda tessellata and Vanda Tan Chay Yan, so someone crossed it back to Vanda tessellata to strengthen its characteristics. I purchased this back on March 10 here is the link to that post. It had 2 spikes and I wound up with 3 flowers on 1 and 4 flowers on the other. Well this RE-Bloom has 9 flowers, and the frangrance of Grape Koolaid is so strong and sweet that during the heat of the day it can be smelled from 5ft away. I am very stoked about how happy my Vanda's are. Here are a few pictures of the new RE-Bloom!


  1. I love the color. I have a niece who grew Vandas for sale for a while until their greenhouse burned.

  2. That is sad to hear. Did she lose all of her orchids?

  3. I love the color as well. Almost looks like a purple plaid of sorts in the photo. Sweet!