Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Day at Heathcote Botanical Gardens!

Another Wednesday and another day volunteering at Heathcote Botanical Garden, Slowly but surly we are making it through the palm walk. Cleaning and removing ferns vines and any stray trees that have sprouted in the ferns. It feels so good to see the progress we are making. This section of the garden is going to be a highlight of the gardens soon. With around 20 palms that are sitting in pots right now it is going to be sweet to finally get this place cleaned and all of those palms placed and planted. Today I snapped a few pictures of some other plants while I was there so these will be included with the befores and afters.
Set 1: Before and After Backside
Set 2: Front side Before and After
Alpinia zurumbet 'Shell Ginger' Bloom
Shell Ginger Flower
Crossandra infundibulformis 'Green Ice Crossandra'
Green Ice Crossandra Flower

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  1. Is that LetsPlant in the second picture? It is like a fun where" Waldo game. Can you find him?