Friday, July 25, 2008

First Coconut Palm Sprout Update!

Her are a few progression pictures of my first Coconut Palm seedling. The first is from back in Jan when I collected a few coconuts from the beach. The next picture was taken on May 28, and the third picture was taken on July 24. Also over the weekend I was pulling weeds over by 20 coconuts that I have managed to collect now and found my second sprout. This is the last picture. It looks like it had a little problem popping out. So I planted it so it hopefully will correct itself.


  1. We've never seen a coconut started from seed before!! And we thought it was cool to watch our beans sprout! LOL Great progressive shots.

  2. Thanks shibaguys, this has been a learning process. Exciting stuff though to think that a seed can be that large and have a tree grow from it.