Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delonix regia, Royal Poinciana

The flowering trees are in bloom. One of my favorites is the Delonix regia, Royal Poinciana. This tree gets into full bloom on late spring/early summer. Larger trees are simply striking, covered with red flowers. Each tree has a unique shape, it never gets boring looking at them, even if they are not blooming. This is a great shade tree, and the branches grow horizontally, sometimes growing downwards, making even older trees actually short, but greatly wide. However, this is a tree that should be kept at a distance from houses, walls, any kind of pavements because of its expansive and superficial roots.


  1. Truly outstanding tree. I've been trying to grow one from seeds but never had any luck, and we don't have them in nurseries. It's been a while since I have given up but your post has revived my lust for this amazing beauty. Cheers,


  2. Hi Mike! I reached your blog via Blotanical (Kate led me to Plants are the Strangest People who led me to you).
    In India we call this tree Gul Mohur and its one of the most commonly used trees to grow along roads. Can you imagine how stunning it looks in May when they all start blooming?
    I have 2 of these trees in my garden. One has orangy-red flowers and the other has deep red flowers. I just found out that there's a yellow variety too.

  3. Your blog looks really good! I hope I can make mine look as good in time. I have added your blog to my links on my blog.

  4. Hey Viooltje, I wish you the best of luck with your seeds. I have plenty if you would like any seeds. I buddy Aaron had sprouts in 2 weeks. Truly a spectacular tree. I think they look like a Jumbo Bonsai.

    Sunita, I have only seen 1 with a light red/orange color here, most are red. We have blue/purple Jacarandas and a yellow flame tree which all three have the same leaf structure so when they are not in bloom it is tough to tell them apart.

    Thanks Jake, Glad to see some pics up now. I have added your blog to the blog list.

  5. I do have the jacaranda too in my garden but its leaflets are smaller and the trunk of the tree doesnt grow so wide around as the Gul Mohur (at least it doesnt here in India).
    I got to see pictures of the yellow variety in bloom so I'm pretty sure its the same tree but different colour. Frankly I prefer the deep-red ones myself. More dramatic!

  6. Hi, there is a debate going on for Is there any existence of violet or purple colored Gulmohar?. Within my friends, some of them have strong belief that Gulmohar comes in red/orange/yellow shades only. Please enlighten on this from your point of view.