Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few more Heatchcote Plants! Tillandsia ionantha, Onc. Sharry Baby orchid, Bromeliads

Going through todays pictures I snapped a few extras of some more bloomers from Heathcote Botanical Gardens. The first is an Onc. Sharry Baby orchid that has 2 full spikes and three new spikes growing. The added bonus about this orchid is its sweet chocolate smell. Next is a cluster of bromeliads growing in the middle of an oak tree that was in the area we were working in today. They have attached themselves to the side of the tree and keep putting out new pups. And the last group are from a Tillandsia ionantha, I think, These are normally small and this 1 is a midsize Tillandsia. But the blooms and leaf colors are the exact same. So here are the extras.

Onc. Sharry Baby

Bromeliads growing in the Middle of the Oak tree in the area we were working in today.
New growth from the cluster of bromeliads.
Tillandsia ionantha I think, it is very large for this species.


  1. gorgeous bromeliads---i am jealous---i can't get them to thrive here.


  2. beautiful pictures! Gosh I wanna go there now! That Onc. is beautiful!!!!