Friday, August 1, 2008

Chambeyronia Flamethrower Palms Update!

Time to get updates on some of the palmlings. I have a few varieties of Chambeyronia Flamethrower Palms. They get their name flamethrower because of the red coloring of the new leaf and then slowly turns green.

The first being the Chambeyronia macrocarpa or Watermelon Flamethrower Palm. This 'watermelon' variety (has a green trunk, speckled with yellow linear dots, making it look sort of like a watermelon rind).Here are a few pictures of this Chambeyronia.

This form of the Chambeyronia macrocarpa var. hookeri , or Chambeyronia hookeri, I have seen it called both and also called by the common name of Blond Flamethrower. It has a pale yellow crown shaft (as opposed to the dark green one of the regular form), and is considered the same species by most botanists, but a different one by most collectors who see how different the plant looks. It seems to grow about the same, but maybe a slight smaller tree as an adult. In general, the hookeri tends to have a brighter red color to the emerging leaf than the the standard macrocarpa.

This palm was purchased a few months ago off of Ebay as a( Chambeyronia macrocarpa X Chambeyronia hookeri ) hybrid calling it a Chambeyronia sublime, but it has not been certified. He said the cross has occurred naturally in Hawaii. That there are two very large Chambeyronia's planted next to each other one is a Chambeyronia macrocarpa and the other is a Chambeyronia hookeri. The seedlings do have a noticeable difference from either of the parents, and he also said the seeds had difference from either of the parents. And here are these pictures.

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  1. Very interesting! I have seen this genus before. What do the mature leaves look like?