Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hot Day at Heathcote Botanical Garden!

Today was a sweltering 90 degrees with the humidity level at over 90% that = Sweat Sweat Sweat! After the 3 hours Aaron and myself put in at Heathcote Botanical Gardens, mind you in a long sleeve shirt and jeans due to the excessive amount of mosquito, I felt like I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion. I will say we are whipping the Palm Walk into shape. In a few more weeks we will be able to stamp this area. They have a nice assortment of Palmlings in the propagation area and we are cleaning the areas up so we can place a bunch of new palms out in the garden. Today we tackled another area of Boston ferns that were over taking the walk. In the this little section there were a few un-named Cycads maybe Zamia's and Bromeliads, the Bismarckia noblis or Silver Bismarck that we de-booted a few weeks ago, a fairly young Puerto Rican Hat Palm or Sabal causiarum, and a Chambeyronia macrocarpa or they have it named as a Red Feather Palm, personally I like the Flamethrower name better. But this is planted in the sun and it is not very happy. So after a discussion with the directors they agreed and I think it will find a new shady home in the next few weeks. So I have a few Before and Afters of the area we worked in today.

The before at the entrance of the Palm Walk.

The after at the entrance of the Palm Walk.

The before from the sidewalk.

The after from the sidewalk.

The backside showing the poor flamethrower, the Bismarck, and the PR Hat Palm.

The un-named cycad uncovered when we removed the ferns.

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  1. Cycad could be macrozamia communis or similar?

  2. i loved your palm trees and the colourful flowers you have. I can imagine how much you enjoy yourself when you are living in such a nice place.

    I enjoyed my self just looking at the blogs i cant imagine what would happen if i was actually living in a place like this:)

    Look after yourself