Friday, August 8, 2008

Orange-flowered Variegated Canna Lily

My Canna americanallis var. variegata 'Pretoria' , or Orange-flowered Variegated Canna Lily is in bloom. I did a post a few weeks ago about a house I visited that had a lot of Banana's and Canna's. Well buried in the back of my potted plants that I have collected I found this Canna. Seems as though I already owned a canna and had not realized it because it had not bloomed. I thought it was just another ginger. I pulled it out the other day as I was going through the potted plants and picking weeds. This guy caught my eye and I left it out. Well a few days went by and BAM it has bloomed. What timing. Here are the pictures of the Orange-flowered Variegated Canna Lily.

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