Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Transplanting A Palm Tree at Heathcote!

Today, getting back into the swing of things at Heathcote Botanical Garden, Aaron and myself volunteered for 3 hours. Cleaning up fallen limbs and palm fronds from Fay blowing thru last week. We also worked on a project that we haven't had time for in the past few weeks. Heathcote has 2 Chambeyronia macrocarpa Palm Trees in the Palm Walk. One is very happy living its life in the shade while the other one is not so happy since it was planted in the full sun. So after a talk with the volunteer director she agreed that it needed to be relocated. We were finally able to get that done today. I have progress pictures of the transplanting project with the palm tree today.

The Flamethrowers original home. You can see the sunburn the leaves have.

The hole!

The removal.

Water is the key to any successful transplant.

Mulched and watered again. It should be very happy in its new shady home.

New exposed trunk.

The other very happy Flamethrower Palm.

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