Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Clean Up after the Storm! & Maybe the 1st Casualty

Last night just before dark the sun and a double rainbow appeared. The sun is something that just has not been visible for the past few days. So today I went into the back yard to start some clean up and I still saw a foot of water. It stinks, and is now full of tadpoles. What makes me mad is all of my neighbors yards are nice and dry. Finding out I have the low yard . Great all the water drains into mine. So with all of this rain, the inevitable is coming. Mosquito's should be hatching in the next few days and with all of this standing water we are going to be inundated with them. I decided to rent a pump and 150ft hose for $50 and pump all of this water out to the drain on the street. And I think I have my first casualty from the storm. My little Persian lime tree was almost completely submerged under the water for 4 days now. It still has some green sections but mostly looks Horrible.

The double rainbow last night

The sunset from last night

The water this morning. note the nice and dry yard in the background

same shot after the water was pumped out

Note the other green dry yard.

Me standing in the stinky water

Bye Bye Stinky water

a few of the trenches I had to dig to funnel the water to the pump

My submerged Persian Lime Tree

Maybe the first casualty


  1. Oh, man, I am so sorry about that mess. I hope everything else is easy to clean up.

  2. I truly feel your pain.
    We lived in Sebastian FL from 97 to 2006 which means we went through the 04 fiasco. I lost so much landscaping that year I gave up hope. We've been closely watching Fay as we have friends and family still in Fl. I am soo sorry..I hope it all comes back.

  3. We were worried about you and glad that you are safe even if the little lime might not make it. Don't dig it up though, give it a year to grow new leaves, nature takes her sweet time occasionally. It looks as though you need to get some fill to raise the level of your plot. Maybe there could be a french drain of some sort along the property lines to take the water away when this happens the next time. There probably is a better solution than the pump for the long term, don't you think? Just a suggestion.