Friday, August 29, 2008

The Secret Palm Tree Garden! Part 2 Hyphaene crinita

Part 2 is only going to consist of 1 palm it is the Hyphaene crinita. This clump consists of 4 trunks and 5 crowns. One of the trunks has begun to branch. The Hyphaene palms are one of the only branching palms. I have fallen in love with these kind of palm trees. I am currently growing 2 Hyphaene compressa palms, very similiar tho these, but still seedlings. Be sure to look in the background of all of my posts to see many other tropicals and palms.

Hyphaene crinita

The clump.

The branching trunk

The trunk begining to loose the boots.

The split.

The inflouresence.

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