Monday, August 4, 2008

Newest Addition! Tibouchina , Princess Flower

Tonight wandering the garden center at our local Wal Mart I came across this Tibouchina , or Princess Flower. This was the first time that I have noticed this amazing purple flower scrub. It was a must have. So it came home with me and will be the center point of a new bed that I am going to put in the yard this weekend. I will have some before and afters when it is done. I am planning on surrounding it with a large clump of 'grapette' ground orchids. I think this will be my purple flower bed! Here are a few pictures of the new Tibouchina. You can see some of the 'grapette' orchids in the background.


  1. Very cool! Never heard of it before but then again I am in zone 3A (tragic, I know!).

  2. I just wandered on one today in my local Ace Hdwr. How does it take sunlight? Merritt Island novice.