Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Morning After Tropical Storm Fay!

Rain Rain Rain is all it has done for the past 30 hours, it has slowed to a lite shower I am one of the lucky ones, homes were flooded last night here in St Lucie county, but the water stopped an inch from coming into my house. Other than some blown out screens, some leaning banana trees and a foot of water covering all of my plants, we made through pretty good. Lost power for a short period yesterday, but they restored it very quickly. Thanks FPUA! Here are some of this mornings pictures.
The water line at the front door.

My Bismarcks under water. Those are 3gallon pots in the water.
The other Bismarck.

My blown out screens with a coconut floating by.

This morning I had the first bloom start to open on this orchid.


  1. Sorry to see your yard underwater.We could use some of the rain here in Ohio.I am glad that it was just a tropical storm for you and not a hurricane.

  2. Thanks hocking gardener, We were very lucky that it was just rain and not rain and hurricane force winds although we did have a few gusts that had to of been at least 70mph. I wish I could pump some of this water your way because there is just no were for it!

  3. Wow, that water line at the front door... you had to be nervous! We're just north of you (in Brevard Co) where the flooding was also really bad. We were lucky. Hope that water drains out soon!

  4. greenjeans, I hope you faired well and your house stayed dry. I have heard reports of 30" up your way. You are right with that water line. I watched it rise and tried to find sandbags calling all the city and county phone numbers and all the offices were closed due to the storm. Go Figure!