Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Tropical Storm Fay Pictures!

These are pictures from today! Except the first picture. That shows what my property normally looks like. The rest show how high the North Fork of the St Lucie river is. The water has started to recede, but there are areas along the St Lucie River that are still underwater. Here are my pictures.
What my property normally looks like.

My neighborhood normally floods but stops at my property. Not this time. I can remember back in the early 80's when it was this high. The Hurricanes of 2004 did not come anywhere near this high.

As the St Lucie River flows across the neighborhoods only road. The tow trucks came to help pull out all the cars the were flooded. Today there were 8 flooded out cars park on the corner going back there. One of the guys that swam out from his house said he passed a few little alligators.

And 1 more of how all the neighbors are getting back to their homes.

A few blocks away at White City Park is completely underwater.

Another shot of White City Park

Off of Selvitz Rd at the river crossing a Royal Poinciana underwater
A house off Edwards road.

Here are few radar shots from Tues. Night

Love the edge of the eye wall!


  1. I'm so so sorry. If you will send that water to us, we have room for it. We haven't had rain in 50 days and no much to measure this whole year.

  2. Wow! You guys got slammed with rain. My friend in PSL said they couldn't leave the house the roads were so bad.

  3. Oh My! I am so sorry for all of the damage that you and your neighbors are getting.

  4. This is just a part of FL life. As bad as it is, it always could be worse.As a Floridian you should almost expect this every few years. I have found that these storms bring our community closer, were ever body tries to help each other.