Thursday, August 14, 2008

Helping Lazy Palm Trees Up at Heathcote!

Today in the area Aaron and myself were working on had 2 Lazy Palms, the first was a Phoenix roebelenii or Pygmy Date Palm, and the second was a Chamaerops humilis or European Fan Palm, that may have been blown over in the Hurricanes of 2004. When we pointed these out last week to the directer, they had not noticed that trunks were buried. We told her that we would like to help them up a little bit, they were amped. So this week as we were clearing and trimming we gave these palms a lift. So here are some before and afters of today.

Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm
Can you see the trunk?

Like magic it appears!

Chamaerops humilis or European Fan Palm
This 1 was not as bad

Now a few more feet of trunk off the ground

The Full Shots

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