Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Banana and Canna Lily Pictures!

Over the weekend, Anna the Banana Lady invited me to her house to remove some banana's. When I turned the corner of her street it was quite evident which house was hers. She must have over 100 banana trees. Some were over 20ft tall some were barely 2ft tall. She had Misi Luki's, Praying Hands, Goldfingers, and Apple just to name a few. She wants to give me as many as I will take. My yard is going to look like hers in no time with banana's everywhere. She also has a nice variety of Canna Lilies, this was the first time I have noticed this plant, very interesting. I think it looks like a mini banana that flowers. The best of both worlds. Here are few pictures of the yard and some of her Canna's.


  1. Those were the biggest Banana trees I have ever seen!

  2. I can not wait for mine to get that big!

  3. A neighbor asked if I wanted some calla lilies, or so I thought. I took them and put them in the ground.In a short time they popped out of the ground and lo and behold they were cannas. I have never had them before and they are getting really big.I think the leaves are beautiful and can't wait for the blooms. These look sort of tropical....I like them.