Friday, July 25, 2008

Another NOID Orchid Blooming!

I picked this orchid up a while ago and now have flowers. If you can name this one please let me know. I have it potted in a coconut, and hanging outside under the same tree my vandas hang from. It seems to be very happy getting a nice soaking everyday. The flowers are like dancing ladies. Maybe some type of Miltassia . Here are a few


  1. The picture in your blog's heading says "Florida" so perfectly. I love it! Wish I could help you with the orchid. It's a really cool one.

  2. Hey Brandank. It is definitely a Miltassia! It looks very similar too a Miltassia Shelob 'Tolkien' but I know its not the same . It is very beautiful, I am jealous, lol! I know some of the geeks posted pictures when they opened and a while later the colors had darkened. Maybe your will darken too!

  3. Susan, That is thee true. Anywhere you go down almost any of the rivers and this is what you see. And catching the gator on the palm tree was very lucky. I have been back 25 times since and have not seen him back on that stoop.

    Thanks Kid A, I just clicked over and saw the picture in the July Photo Contest thread it looks very close. Maybe!