Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cypress Vine , Ipomoea quamoclit

If you love growing vines, then this is the ideal vine for growing on trellises, arbors or fences. It even can be trained to climb up a string tied to a tree branch or the eaves of your house, but any way you grow Ipomoea quamoclit it requires some training and the ideas are endless. The hummingbirds absolutely love it, butterflies fawn over it and bumble bees help pollinate it! While the flowers are pretty, the vine is very invasive and fast growing. It tends to cover and choke out all the plants near it.


  1. I have it and like it. Although it resseds readily, the seedlings are easily removed. I have a lot of cleome in a particular area. By the time I'm tired of seeing it, the cypress vines have covered it and attracted hummers etc. At the end of the season, cleome and cypress vines are removed. There are not a lot of them this year. Some seasons I have to remove the seedlings two or three times. It's great for an area you want covered in the summer and you want clear in the winter for air circulation. It sprouts when it is hot. July. Then it quickly grows and blooms a long time before frost kills it. It's a late season thing for me.

  2. I have grown this one before. Has a nice ferny look to it.