Thursday, July 17, 2008

Variegated Sea Grape 'Albo-variegata', Coccoloba uvifera Found!

After a long search and looking at hundreds of Sea Grapes it has finally been located. The infamous Coccoloba uvifera 'Albo-variegata'. Over the weekend a friend invited Aaron and myself on a expedition on his property. After an hour of wondering around it was almost like a glow was coming off of this tree ahead of us. And to our amazement there it was in all its glory. My friend told us that we could have a few sticks and I also collected some Sea Grapes off of the tree. I am in the process of cleaning the seeds and getting them started. I am very amped on these we will se how many actually come up showing any variegation. Here are my pictures. The first shows Aaron standing next to it for scale.

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  1. I highly doubt the seedlings will be variegated but, your cuttings will be fine! It's awesome to see I'm not the only plant nut around these parts. And I promise to do a post showing my palms! I have to warn you they're aren't very big yet. As I just started collecting five or six years ago.