Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pandanus??? Anybody Know?

Over the weekend on our plant excursion, we came across a large clump of Pandanus???. Not sure what the species is, but as you can see in the pictures this has large barbs running down the sides of the leaves, and also down the middle of the underside of the leaves. It was like a fortress. Trying to get into the clump to snip off a few pieces. I still have holes in my arms. Here are a few pictures. Arron is in a few shots showing how large this Pandanus clump was. When it was all said and done we left with 7 clipping from this clump and you could not even tell we took anything off of the clump.


  1. Well, yeah, it's a Pandanus. I don't know as far as a species, but I think veitchii is a good bet, just because it's one of the more common Pandanus in cultivation. As far as I know.

  2. wow we had that one before here in the philippines!