Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Multiply Headed Palm Trees

I recently read a story on the $1million coconut palm. If you have not read the story here is a link to the multi-headed coconut palm. So I have a few pictures of some of the multiply headed palms in my area.

The first is a 3 headed Sabal Palm that is located at Heathcote Botanical Garden and it also has a little history behind it.

This 2 headed Sabal Palm is located at McKee Botanical Gardens in
Vero Beach FL

This next one was taken by Tom in St Pete, Thanks for letting me use this 1. I count at least 14 heads on this Queen Palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana

This next 2 headed Queen Palm is in Aaron's yard. His blog A Yard in Fort Pierce
And finally this is the $1million 3 headed Coconut Tree


  1. I've never heard of any of this before. One of your most interesting and best posts! Thanks.

  2. Thank YOU ldybug. These are 1 of the most fascinating things about palms. How a disturbance to their crowns cant cause it to start to shoot new crowns.