Monday, July 28, 2008

Variegated Seagrape Air Layer Project

Saturday Aaron and myself went back to the Variegated Sea Grape or Coccoloba uvifera 'Albo-variegata' and came equipped with a kit for air layering a few branches. We began by picking branches around 12", then with the trusty pocketknife we skinned about 3" of the bark off the base of the branch. Then with some water and root stimulator we soaked spaghnum moss, and also added rooting hormone powder to the area that we skinned. Taking the spaghnum moss we packed it around the skinned area. Next we took a piece of plastic and wrapped the branch and spaghnum moss tightly and secured each end closed with twisty ties. Finally we took a black plastic bag and wrapped the branch one more time and sealed bot ends of that with some twisty ties. After about 30 minutes of skinning and wrapping we managed to get 6 branches air layered. Hopefully we will comeback in a few months and have bags full of roots growing off of these branches. Here are the pictures of the Variegated Sea Grape.

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