Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Little Purple Vanda

This is my favorite of the new vandas. This little purple guy is a Ascocenda Aroonsri - Vanda coerulescens x Vanda Tessellata - Vanda Mimi Palmer. It has a very strong fragrance. It smells like grape. During the day in the hot sun it smell twice as strong. It only has 3 flowers on it but lots of blooms and a new spike.


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  2. Cool ascocenda! I've been growing one of its parents, V. tesselata outdoors in San Diego for over a decade, through a few mornings of pretty heavy frost. Maybe the ascocenda might prove as cold-tolerant...

  3. Man, those orchids are beautiful! I always think its so cool when flowers have a fragrance that matches their color, like grape (which is obviously the product of a different plant all together.).

    I always find a couple of bucks to add some red rocket snapdragons to my garden (they can be occasionally perennial in the right spot)--they smell like red Kool-Aid!