Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zygo Everspring 'Noland Van Dallen' AM/AOS

Yesterday I came home to find the Zygo Everspring 'Noland Van Dallen' AM/AOS orchid had blown over in the crazy wind we have had for a few days. This normally would not be that big of a disaster but this plant has 2 spike just about to bloom. One of the spikes broke. Not off completely it is still attached just limp. So my friends on OrchidGeeks gave me advice on trying to save it. So I took some florist tape and a little splint and wrapped the spike. Then I put a little stake in the pot to help support it. The stake is very disappointing because the spikes were holding themselves up very nicely. Oh Well. So as of tonight the 1st bloom has opened on the spike that is not broken.

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