Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures of My Little Paradise

Here is a guided tour of my little piece of paradise. I have taken shots of all sides and a few others of some pretty neat stuff on the property besides all the orchids that are growing that I showed on some older posts. I am going to start with the SE corner standing from the road you come in on. This is the part that is nice with grass an some monster live oak trees. Then I follow the road around the south side to the west side of the property. These are the first 4 pictures.
Now the St. Lucie River runs along the north side and east side of the property, although the east side is only 1 or 2 ft deep. So shot 5 is were the main part of the river branches off and comes under the road into the neighborhood. Then the next 3 shots are of the north side that the little branch follows and then opens up to the large area of water. When I was a kid I slid my canoe down there and fished almost everyday. Then the next 2 are the overgrown east side. Then a few of the interesting shots. Standing under the palm trees, a shot of 2 oak branches from separate trees that have grown together and my little brothers house is in the back round, a palm tree that had to squeeze between the V of an oak branch. You can see the scars from it rubbing the branch as it grew on thru. Then some wild boar or hog rootin' and a few of the over growth.


  1. Hi Mike

    Thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog. I had no idea that the Red Sealing Wax Palm was rare. Are you going to grow it?

    I really enjoyed looking over your blog and seeing all the pics of palms.

  2. The Palm tree growing through the Oak tree is intriguing.

  3. Thx for visiting my pond. A heaven on Earth for gardeners you got there. Awesome weather, the river, beautiful 'uge garden, and then there's palm trees. I can't even imagine anything as eyecatching and astonishing as palm trees. Having a continental garden, the weather only allows my Trachycarpus f. to grow outdoors, while the rest live in the greenhouse during the bitchin' winters. Oh and how great it is growin your own palms from seeds? The only one I managed to grow that way was Australian Fan palm but then again, I never really gave it a go with the others, as I thought I 'd be survived by all of them by the time they mature. ;-) Respect man, keep up the good work!

  4. You have a beautiful property. Love the moss on the trees.

  5. HI Mike, what a great property for gardening. Good luck with your collections of Palms. If you ever had a chance to visit the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami, I recommended they have a collection of palms you wouldn’t believe.