Monday, March 17, 2008

Seed Room

Well my seed starting has reach a new plateau. My first seed box turned into seed box 2.0, and now seed box 2.0 is being replaced with seed room 3.1. I have taken over the little bathroom that is in the efficiency attached to my house. It has a little shower stall in that I am using for the snap tite containers and ziplock baggies, and some shelves that fit perfect in between the wall and toilet for all the humidity dome trays and take out containers. I have a little heater fan and a thermometer in the room so I can maintain the temperature.


  1. Hi Mark. Thanks for your comment.
    I had just quickly an other look at your blog. I have to take more time for is a bit late now and I am a bit tired!
    My daughter has just started a Palmarium. Good night.

  2. that is quite an interesting seed room! I like it! good luck...