Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Third Annual Florida Tech Botanical Fest Plant and Garden Sale

Saturday I went with my buddy Aaron from A Yard in Fort Pierce Blog and we made the hour voyage north to melbourne to attend the 3rd annual FIT Botanical Fest. This was a fantastic trip. The vendors had some unbelievable deals and some of the palm dealers had palm trees I had never even seen before. There is nothing better than a rare palm sale. So I did pick up a couple palms and orchids from the sale. The first palm is a rare Lantania lontaroides or Red Latan Palm , this guy as a young palm has very distinctive red stalk and red veins running in the leaves. The next palm is a Chambeyronia macrocarpa , or red leaf palm, flame thrower watermelon form and this palms new leaf is red when it first appears. It is given the term watermelon form because of the crown having a red tint to it. I already have 1 of these but it is the blonde flame thrower and this has a yellow tint to the crown. So these were the only palms I purchased. And I bought 3 Dendrobium orchids not in bloom but 1 has a new spike growing so that 1 should bloom pretty soon The first is named Palolo Sunshine X Mary Stripes and cost $9 . The second is named Burana Jade and cost $5 , and the third is a Jacquelyn Thomas and cost $3 , what good deals I got on these.

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  1. I actually gasped when I opened up your blog.
    I am so jealous!