Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Orchids

Well I spent a couple months of orchid allowance this past weekend at the Port St Lucie Orchid Society Show and Sale, and The Downtown Farmers Market. Besides the show every Sat. we have a farmers market sale down on the river. This week there were a couple plant vendors and I adopted a couple new ground orchids for $5 each , a new Oncidium for $25, and 2 yellow Cattleyas 1 is more gold than yellow but are both Blc. Husky Boy 'Romeo' for $7.50 each. Then from the Orchid show I got 3 Vanda babies, 8 other babies var. , 4 Vandas, Coconut orchid, Phal., and a Den. I am going to post close up shots through the week so check back. So between both stops I doubled my orchid collection the new count is 35.

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  1. Those are some wonderful orchids and the prices at amazing. We have been to Port St. Lucie and I remember seeing orchids for sale in the parking lots of strip malls. Lovely place. We grow orchids also, love the vandas, but have to keep them in a greenhouse over the winter. Yours are stunning.

    Frances at Faire Garden