Sunday, March 23, 2008

Paph Raisen Pie 'Hsinying' X SIB Paph. Supersuk 'Eureka'

Over the weekend we have added our first Paphiopedilum orchid. I have been a little indimdated by these orchids. But Sat. at the Formers Market one of the orchid vendors had this guy for $15. So I decided it was time to give it a shot. The bloom has not opened yet so I do not know what it looks like. But we are only days away. Right now to me it looks like a little head with a helmet on. This Paphiopedilum orchid is a Paph Raisen Pie 'Hsinying' X SIB Paph. Supersuk 'Eureka'. The leaves are different colorsthey are very interesting. I have included a shot of them. So here it is and as soon as that bloom opens I will post an update.

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