Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mounting an Orchid to a Palm Tree Slab

My 2 favorite things coming together palm trees and orchids. At the beach a few weeks ago I found a palm tree decaying away. I seemed to be decaying from the inside out. I thought this might be a pretty sweet mount for an orchid. So I grabbed a few pieces and brought them home. The first thing I did was soak them in clean water for 2 days trying to remove any bugs and help remove any salt left from the ocean. I allowed them to dry in the sun for almost a week before I tried to mount any orchids to it So they seem to be very fiberous and have a very nice curve to them so the orchid should be happy. I mounted 2 small Dendobiums to 2 pieces and the other receive a large Cattleyas Haleahi Serenity. I added a little spaghnum moss in between the roots and slab to help hold some moisture in for the roots. I drilled a coulpe little holes with a drill bit so the wire ties would fit through and C. Haleahi Serenity I also used the mesh it came in to help hold the moss in place for now. I do not know how long these slabs are going to hold up but for now the look sweet mounted on the wall on the porch. Here are a few pictures I have taken of them.


  1. I have been reading your blog for only a short time and I am just so impressed with your knowledge and dedication. How is the Fishtail palm doing? Now that was good luck!

  2. Great reuse of a dead palm! I had most of a palm removed--too close to the house, foundation damage--but the stump didn't go away. What was ugly for a while is now covered with epiphytes, mostly bromeliads...