Saturday, March 22, 2008

OMG Can you say Addicted

OK. This is getting out of control. Tonight my fiancee and I were going to have dinner at her bosses house. Which of course is in Jensen Beach. Well the lady was still set up with her 3 for $20 orchids but now she had new 1's. So my girl had to buy some. Some = 6 new Phals. With 1 going as a gift it seems that we have added 5 more to the collection. I am going to have to take a count tomorrow to see if we have broken 40. 40 OMG that is crazy. But the plus side is my palm addiction seems to be contagious. My girl loves taking care of the orchids. Here are a few shots of the 6 orchids for $40. And the last is some of the orchids that are in bloom. Unbelievable!


  1. Wow that is an addiction. At least it's an addiction good for the body and soul. You find great deals on your orchids. Do you keep them all inside or can you grow your orchids outside?

  2. Ha!!!! It's always good to see that somebody else has an "orchid problem." And in your case, Mike, at least the price is right! How great that you're both enjoying them.

  3. When I visit my Mom in Delray Beach we always go to the Orchid gardens there. It's just amazing to see them all growing, many of them are outdoors. My mom grows quite a few on her screened in balcony too.

    How beautiful!

  4. I totally understand - I went from a few to over 60 in the blink of an eye. I had to trim my collection in half when I moved last summer, it was a very painful experience. Now, living in an 800 sq.ft. house with poor natural lighting has *finally* slowed me down.

    But in the winter, when the rest of Indiana is bare and brown, nothing is better than seeing them bloom! I had a nice striped one open up recently (posted on March 19), you should check it out!