Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bamboo Palm

I was at a friends house Friday night having dinner and a few drinks. Checking out his yard I came across a section of very nice bamboo palms. I ask for a few seeds and they gave me a bag and said take as many as you want. I collected a couple stalks of seeds. Tonight I am starting 2 snap tite containers 1 with the little green not quite ripened seeds and another with the large black color seeds just like they are off the tree. I also have about 40 of the in a hot soak right now and plan on starting those tomorrow. I have pictures of the palm tree and the stalks with seeds. Then a shot of the seeds in a tin, and finally a shot of the containers in the seed room. These are the 2 containers on the bottom shelf.

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  1. I agree with you..sometimes we do not greet the nature around us enuf..recently I had the chance to visit this remarkable living lab where the scientists have recreated the different biomes under the same is called biosphere 2