Friday, February 1, 2008

Experiment Time??????

I have had these Roystonea borinquena, or Puerto Rican Royal Palm seeds cleaned and laying around for a month or so now and figured time to try some of those tips I have had passed along to me. I have soaked all of these seeds on the warmer for 2 days. Now I have takeout tins 1 with 100% perlite 8 lightly sanded seeds and 3 unsanded seeds. Then the other tin has a jiffy seed starter mix as well as 8 sanded seeds and3 unsanded seeds. I also started the 18 classic 3" jiffy pots with the same starter mix and 12 sanded and 6 unsanded and placed them in the dome. I have placed the 2 tins on the warmers so they have the same heat and environment so i am trying to find out what will be my prefered method of starting seeds. I hope.

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