Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold Night in Paradise

It's 48 degrees right now and dropping to 39degrees overnight. Dang thats cold. It rarely gets this cold here. I brought all the plants in for tonight and they say its gonna be that cold tomorrow also. So here is the collection in just a few shots. The Frangi is just starting to grow, the desert rose is starting to branch and here is a sneak peak at the seedling stand that is now about half filled. I have 46 tubes filled with sprouts. The last shot is the travelers sprouts. You can see the progression between them spike, just popping out of spike, and first leave coming out. These are going in some 1gallons tomorrow.


  1. I discovered your blog from the listings at Blotanical. Welcome.

  2. Northerners probably laugh at our posts on cold weather and our plants stacked on the kitchen counter and table. We just brought our orchids in again - hopefully for the last time this winter! I've posted a link for you on my Website under Florida. You can find more Florida bloggers there.