Saturday, February 9, 2008

A few shots of the front yard

These are a few shots i snapped the other day of some plants and trees in the front yard. The first are a row of pink hawaiian ti plants with xanadus in front of them. On the ti's you can see the spots from the freezing weather we had a few weeks ago. These plants run along the front of the house and then around the corner. And on the corner I have my 2 baby bottle palmlings Then we have shots of the kidney bean next to the street with my 2 Baby Bismarcks, 2 FL coonties, and pink & purple new guanie impatiences. The funny thing is the day we planted the annuals we did not know a cold front with temps in the mid 30's was on its way. So the same day we planted them we had to cover them for 3 nights in a row. We thought we were going to lose them for sure but 3 weeks later here they are looking very healthy. We were very lucky but those ti's are still showing there effects from the cold.

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