Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Collected New Palm Seeds Today

Today I was at work and came across a few palms that had seeds on them. I have taken some pictures of the seeds collected, the different stages with fruit to seeds. The first shot is seeds in bags. The red 1's are cardboard palm seeds. But did not get to clean them yet. Then in the notebook shots there is Livistona chinensis, a Chinese Fan or Fountain Palm, Phoenix roebelenii, a Pygmy Date Palm, and as of now an unknown? It is the last shots of the skinny palms. So if you can identify this 1 and let me know what it is I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
Mike Update the unknown is a Thrinax radiata, or Florida Thatch Palm.

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  1. How do you get the fruit off the pygmy date palm? Do you do it by hand? Also, what color should they be when you pick them?